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An unnamed member of the criminal organization known as The Apparatus worked closely with the art thief Art Dekko and his accomplice Sue Reel. His real name was not revealed, though it has been speculated that he is a member of the Strong family (also aligned with the Apparatus).

The Apparatus Connection, as he was referred to, often trafficked in artworks that Dekko stole, ultimately selling them for much more than he paid Dekko.

Character Biography[]

After stealing a valuable painting by Cézanne, Dekko grew frustrated at having to use the Apparatus go-between and he attempted to sell the painting himself. This attracted the attention of Dick Tracy and the Major Crimes Squad. Eventually, Dekko found himself in a situation that he and Sue Reel could not handle alone, and they contacted their Apparatus Connection for help.


The Apparatus Connection met Dekko and Reel at Dekko's art gallery where he intended to pay Dekko for several stolen artworks, as well as eliminating the undercover policewoman Lizz (whose identity had been discovered).

Unbeknownst to the criminals, they had been tracked by the police and the building had been surrounded. When Reel and the Apparatus Connection exited out the back door with the captive Lizz, they were quickly apprehended by police officers.


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    A later Rogues' Gallery entry indicated that the Apparatus Connection had turned State's Evidence.