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The man known as Apollo (full name unrevealed) was a high-ranking member of the criminal organization known as The Black Hearts. He was an attractive man with light curly hair, a strong chin, and straight white teeth. Like some other high-ranking members of The Black Hearts, he had been branded with a letter B on his forehead.

Apollo arrived in Dick Tracy's city to aid Venus and Méliès in pursuing the Black Hearts' goals. They successfully recruited several members of the Apparatus, and began to solidify their control of crime in the city.

The Fall of the Black Hearts[]

Apollo and Venus' cabal were successful enough that the leader of the Black Hearts - Mr. Bigg - arrived in the city to oversee operations himself. Apollo, Venus, and Méliès began to feel slighted by the preference that Mr. Bigg seemed to be showing for the gang's newer members. Venus and Apollo were especially troubled, since they had been branded by Bigg with a B on their foreheads as a sign of their loyalty to him. They became determined to solidify their positions in the organization, either by regaining Bigg's favor or killing him and taking his place.

Méliès arranged for the kidnapping of Diet Smith, under the assumption that Smith would provide Space Coupe technology to Bigg (who was obsessed with plundering the Moon's resources). Méliès had Smith brought to Black Hearts' headquarters, shortly before the building came under siege by the combined forces of the MCU and the FBI. Venus and Apollo prepared to defend themselves, with Apollo wielding a large, 50-caliber handgun.

During the confrontation with law enforcement, Apollo accidentally shot and killed Méliès. Apollo and Venus were seriously injured during a subsequent showdown with police. It has not been confirmed if Apollo or Venus survived.


  • Apollo's named is presumably inspired by the Greek god of the sun (among other things). It also ties into the outer space theme that was prevalent among the Black Hearts.
  • It is not clear if Apollo had a romantic relationship with Venus.
  • Apollo and Venus both had the habit of using the phrase "dead fish dead" to describe a person or situation with extreme finality.