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Annie Warbucks was the adopted daughter of Oliver Warbucks. She was a happy and spirited young woman who enjoyed adventure. She had curly orange hair and light eyes.

Early Life[]

Annie's parents were FBI agents. Shortly after she was born, they went off on a dangerous assignment from which they never returned. They left Annie at an orphanage run by Ms. Asthma. Though Ms. Asthma treated her harshly, Annie retained her good nature. She also adopted a stray dog which she named Sandy.

As a child, Annie was taken into the Warbucks home by the first Mrs. Warbucks, who agreed to adopt Annie on a trial basis. Annie bonded with Oliver Warbucks (whom she called "Daddy"), and her adoption eventually became permanent.

Rescued by Dick Tracy[]

Annie had had a number of adventures throughout her young life. One of these involved her being abducted. Oliver Warbucks (a friend of Dick Tracy and Diet Smith) sought Tracy's help in recovering Annie, but Tracy was not available.

Some time later, Annie was transported to a secluded island where the residents were all hypnotized into believing that it was the year 1944. Tracy infiltrated the island, but lost his memory in the process. He became acquainted with Annie and began to suspect that something was amiss.

Tracy, Annie, and the island's residents were rescued by Warbucks, his aides, and the MCU. They were all then re-assimilated into modern-day society. Annie became a friend of Dick Tracy's granddaughter Honeymoon.

Further Adventures[]

Annie and Honeymoon were present in the 52 Gallery (headquarters of the criminal organization known as The Black Hearts) when it was raided by law enforcement. Annie's associate Punjab protected the girls from some dangerous criminals.

Annie was later shown taking a journalism class with Honeymoon. Their teacher was Brenda Starr.

Annie's Parents[]


Some time later, Annie was presented with a photo of her biological parents, who were FBI agents. She was told the story of how Tracy and Warbucks had met them before she was born. The group was then told by Annie's parents' attorney Bob Smith that Annie's parents had wanted Oliver Warbucks to take custody of Annie in the event of their deaths. Annie also learned when her birthday is.


  • Annie was the main character in a long-running newspaper comic strip. She also appeared in films, radio, and a Broadway musical.
  • The comic strip Little Orphan Annie was cancelled in 2010. At the time of its cancellation, the strip was being written by Jay Maeder. The strip ended without concluding the currently-running storyline, which prompted Dick Tracy writer Mike Curtis to take the necessary actions to introduce the characters into Dick Tracy, where the story was resolved. This generated a considerable amount of publicity for the strip, similar to when other crossovers have occurred.
  • Annie apparently had some celebrity, since Nellie Wheaten quoted her at one point.
  • AnnieBaby

    Annie as a baby

    Annie's biological parentage was never revealed in the original comic strip. The records of her orphanage were destroyed, and the matron Ms. Asthma refused to divulge what little information she knew. Annie's parentage became a plot point in the stage musical based on the strip, where the matron (Miss Hannigan) recruited her brother and his wife to pose as Annie's parents, using a locket that had been left with her. In the musical, it was stated that Annie's parents' surname was Bennett, and that they were both deceased.
    • In the Dick Tracy comic strip, it was revealed that Annie's parents were FBI Agents Harold and Winifred Gray (apparently named after the creator of the Little Orphan Annie comic strip and his second wife). Tracy stated that they had gotten missing while on assignment and they were presumed deceased. The broken locket that Annie had been left with in the stage musical was incorporated into her backstory in the Dick Tracy comic strip, as her parents were shown leaving her with it at an orphanage.
  • Annie's approximate age is difficult to establish. She has consistently been depicted as 10-12 years old, and is presumably close in age to Honeymoon.