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Anna Enog ("Gone" spelt backwards) was the mother of Measles. Anna was the matron of the women's prison where Gravel Gertie was incarcerated following her involvement with the Brow.

Corruption in the Prison[]

Anna and her son were operating a dope ring inside the prison. When Gertie refused to leave prison after her time had been served, Anna decided to use Gertie as an unwitting accomplice. Gertie was given a custodial position in exchange for room and board. It was also agreed that she would also play her mandolin and sing to entertain the inmates at the woman's prison as well as the adjoining men's prison.

Anna used Gertie's movements to smuggle contraband that Measles provided around the prison facilities. Gertie discovered what was happening and alerted Dick Tracy. Gertie agreed to help the police build their case against Anna, and she pretended to want to join Anna's operation.

Framing Gravel Gertie[]

Anna discovered Gertie's cooperation with the police, and she and an accomplice (one of the guards) cornered Gertie in the prison's pump house. They planned to toss Gertie into the machinery where her body would be crushed. Gertie and Anna struggled, and Anna slipped on some spilled brass polish. Anna fell into the pump machinery and was killed (February 8th, 1945).

Gertie, fearing that she would be blamed, fled. The guard eventually confessed, clearing Gertie, then shot himself. When Measles learned of his mother's death, he swore revenge on Gertie.