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Angus DePool was a wealthy financier. He met Dick Tracy in a health spa where Tracy was recovering from a serious cold he had contracted during his pursuit of Krome.

Angus DePool was bald and had a light moustache.

Character Biography[]

Shortly after meeting Tracy, Angus was murdered by his nephew Selbert. Selbert sneaked into the health spa in the uniform of an orderly he had knocked out. Selbert held a telephone receiver up to Angus' head while Angus spoke to Dick Tracy about Selbert's recent escape from a mental hospital. Selbert then assaulted Angus' exposed head while Angus was locked in a steam cabinet. Selbert pushed the cabinet off of its moorings and it fell to the floor where Angus' head was knocked against a pipe. Angus died from the injury. Tracy heard the uproar over the phone line and rushed to the scene.

During his investigation of Angus' death, Tracy met Angus' wife, Mrs. DePool. She concealed Selbert in her home, and described her husband as a cruel, greedy man. It was later revealed that Angus was responsible for having Selbert committed to the mental institution. Selbert claimed that this was Angus' attempt to remove Selbert as an obstacle to obtaining Angus' brother's (Selbert's father's) fortune. However, Selbert's paranoia, obsession, and violent tendencies give some validity to the claim of mental instability.