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Alec Smart was a stock broker in Dick Tracy's city. He was a thin, handsome man with light hair and a large chin.

Alec Smart worked with the criminal Pig E. Bank. Smart was a willing participant in Bank's scheme to use the computer virus devised by Little Byte to manipulate the stock market.

Smart attempted to charm the phone company employee Amy Lovelaw in order to get information about the source of the virus. When Lovelaw refused his advances, Smart tried to force himself on her. He later abducted her.

Smart was arrested along with Bank when their scheme was dismantled.


  • In his early appearances, Smart's first name was given as "Alex". It changed to Alec later in the storyline.
  • "Smart Aleck" is a phrase used to describe a person who makes irreverent or disrespectful jokes.
  • There was no established family connection between Alec Smart and Governor Smart.