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Air Car

First Appearance:

August 30th, 1964

Created By:

Chester Gould

The Air Car was a hovering one-man vehicle presented to Dick Tracy by the Moon Governor, the ruler of Moon Valley.

Air Cars used the power of magnetism for loft and propulsion. As a result, they required little in the way of fuel. They were shown to have roughly the same range and hovering ability as a helicopter, but were much quieter.

Air Cars were controlled by their operators using the underarm handlebars (which resembled crutches). They later featured a front windshield which offered a certain degree of protection from the elements.


Air Cars were typically operated by 1 pilot, though they were shown to have the capacity to carry 2 adults of average build. However, there were no restraining devices, which allowed Ugly Christine to jump from an Air Car to her death.

In 1973, a larger version of the Air Car was introduced. It could comfortably accommodate two occupants, and had a full dome to provide better protection from the elements. It also featured guns, tear gas sprayers, and a bullhorn.


Like the Space Coupe and other Moon Period technology, the Air Cars were recalled by the Moon Governor following the death of Moon Maid. Any remaining on Earth were put into storage for a long period of time, then later ordered destroyed by Diet Smith. However, Mr. Bigg was able to acquire one and used it to escape from the besieged headquarters of the Black Hearts.

The Air Cars inspired a gondola-like attraction at the Land O' Plenty theme park designed by B.O. Plenty.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Archie's TV Funnies[]


Air Cars were shown to be used by Tracy and his department on the 1971 Filmation animated TV series "Archie's TV Funnies".

The Air Cars were part of a much greater high-tech arsenal that Tracy employed. Air Cars were depicted with no windshield, but they did have monitors installed for surveillance and communication.


  • Air Cars continued to be featured in the strip throughout the 1970s, even though many of the other trappings of the Moon Period became less prominent. They were not officially retired until after Chester Gould left the strip.