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Agent Kelley (first name unrevealed) was an FBI Agent that worked with Dick Tracy on several occasions. She was a tall woman with blonde hair that she typically wore up, and a straight, Romanesque nose.

Agent Kelley was often shown to be working out of FBI headquarters in Washington D.C., where she would often provide Tracy with background information for cases (such as when she identified the members of Flunke's gang). She also engaged in a certain amount of field work, such as in the case of Pig E. Bank when she worked under the direction of Special Agent Magruder.

Agent Kelley provided Tracy with information when he was investigating the mysterious deaths of Mayor Baxter's wives. Kelley led the search for Dick Tracy after he disappeared during the first Sal Monella case. She also provided Tracy with information about the second Chameleon, but had had no information on the mysterious Pinhead.

When Dick Tracy was framed for misconduct by the criminal Mousse, Agent Kelley arrived in the city to help Tracy clear his name. She and Tracy led an FBI task force that proved Mousse's corruption and raided Mousse's headquarters. She later helped Tracy arrest the members of his police department that had been bribed by Mousse.


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    Agent Kelley is one of several FBI Agents to have repeated interactions with Dick Tracy and the MCU. Others include Jim Trailer and Fritz Ann Dietrich.
  • In her early appearances, Agent Kelley's name was spelt "Kelly". It has since been frequently spelt with a second E.