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Agent 20, also known as "Morgancoin", was a fifth columnist working to undermine the United States from within during World War II. He had light hair, a misshapen nose and heavy lines under his eyes.

Agent 20 was Pruneface's superior in their ring of spies and saboteurs. Pruneface called on Agent 20 for help after Pruneface broke his leg while trying evade capture by the police.

After hijacking an ambulance, Agent 20 drove Pruneface to his home along with the hostage Dr. Rex. However, Dick Tracy was able to track Pruneface to this hiding place.

When Agent 20 discovered that his house was about to be raided, he decided to escape and leave Pruneface to deal with the police. However his tunnel exit was blocked by a police car and he was forced to flee back into the house.

Pruneface shot and killed Agent 20 and then had Dr. Rex carry the body to the police outside.


  • Pruneface apparently made a point of keeping his associates separate, so there is no indication that Agent 20 would have had any interaction with Cal Bullet, Clara, or Togo, though Pruneface would most likely have kept him informed of their activities.
  • It is unclear if "Morgancoin" was Agent 20's real name or another alias. He was apparently an ethnic German, since he remarked that "The Fatherland" (which typically referred to greater Germany at the time) could not afford to have both him and Pruneface arrested by the Police.
  • In a continuity error, Gould drew Morgancoin's gun first as an automatic pistol and then as a revolver.
  • Additionally, when Morgancoin padlocked his tunnel entrance to keep the police from following him, he was shown doing it from the inside. The next panel shows police officers breaking the padlock from the outside.