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A.A. Stone, also known as "Agate Aggie", was a younger sister of Gravel Gertie. She was an elderly-looking woman with white hair and bright blue eyes.

Early Life[]

Aggie was a professional actress. She had a successful career on Broadway. Prior to that, she had appeared in some television commercials for a shoe store.

Drama On-Stage and Off[]

Aggie came to Dick Tracy's city and appeared in the role of Martha in a stage production of Arsenic and Old Lace at the Patterson Playhouse that co-starred Vitamin Flintheart, Gruesome, and Mel O. Dee.

During the opening night performance, Aggie was shocked to discover the corpse of Otis the janitor (who had been murdered by Gruesome) hidden on stage.

Aggie was apparently not seriously injured in the explosion that Gruesome arranged which destroyed much of the theater.

After Gruesome[]

Aggie visited her sister's family at Sunny Dell Acres, where she and Gertie quarreled over old grudges. Unbeknownst to Aggie, she was about to become the target of Silver Nitrate and his sister Sprocket.

Nitrate prepared to offer Aggie a rare, presumed lost print of her early television commercial in exchange for a large finder's fee. Unbeknownst to Aggie, Nitrate was a confidence trickster who specialized in forging rare film and video works.

The Nitrates abandoned their scheme after an encounter with Stiletta Jones. It it unknown if Agate Aggie has become aware of their plot.


  • Agate is a rock texture that is commonly associated with volcanic and other metamorphic rocks.
  • Agate Aggie was known professionally as "A.A. Stone". It has not been established if this is her birth name, married name or stage name. Presumably, one of the As stands for "Agatha" or "Agnes".
  • During the Gruesome storyline, Gravel Gertie was apparently aware that Agate Aggie was in the city, but the two sisters were not shown interacting until after the Gruesome case had been resolved.
  • When Agate Aggie DID eventually make an unscheduled visit to Sunny Dell Acres, Gertie was so surprised to see her that she referred to her sister as "Agate Annie".
  • It had been established that Gravel Gertie's parents died when she was a child, and that she was raised in an orphanage. It has not been stated if Agate Aggie was also raised in this situation. As a younger sister, it is possible that Aggie was a more likely candidate for adoption.