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Addie Gothorn was a well-known criminal in Dick Tracy's city. He had dark hair and small eyes. Gothorn had a reputation for being a confidence trickster and gambler, and for not paying his debts.

Shortly after Tracy recovered from the injuries he suffered during the case of Cut Famon, he was called upon by Chief Brandon to solve Gothorn's murder. Gothorn was found shot in the stomach in the Skycrest Hotel. He had refused to identify who shot him before he died.

Lips Manlis was briefly suspected of Gothorn's murder, but an investigation led police to Athnel Jones, who eventually confessed. Jones stated that Gothorn had been blackmailing him, ruining Jones' business and driving his wife to commit suicide.


  • It is possible that "Addie" is a nickname for "Adolf", but this was not explicitly stated in the strip.
  • Addie Gothorn's murder bore some resemblance to the real-life murder of New York City gambler/gangster Arnold Rothstein in 1924. He was shot under similar circumstances and his killer was never caught. A rigged poker game figured prominently in his death.