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The second man to use the alias Ace of Spades was a criminal who aspired to hold a high rank in the criminal organization known as The Apparatus. He killed Little Notting, the original Ace of Spades, and used Notting's key to access Apparatus headquarters and announce himself to the board of directors.

His appearance and identity have not been revealed. Ace of Spades had his his own network of informants and operatives, including Doubleup who worked as security/bodyguard.

Ace of Spades' first major scheme involved gaining used of Diet Smith's new Time Drone to locate lost fortunes and treasures. Information about the Time Drone was conveyed to him by Sterling Eliot, and employee of Diet Smith Industries who had access to the facility. Eliot attempted to use the drone for his own purposes, and he inadvertently caused an explosion that killed him and seriously damaged the facility.

Ace's operative Briar Rose was also at the facility, continuing her ruse as a journalist to gain information from high-level sourced (including Dick Tracy and Diet Smith). Rose was suspected of being connected to the explosion, and Ace of Spades confined her to Apparatus headquarters to prevent her from being found by the police. Briar Rose disliked this arrangement, so Ace planned to eliminate her.

Ace informed Rose that she would be moved to a new safe house. Upon arriving, she was attacked by Jack of Spades, who had orders from Ace to kill her. Rose had been followed by Sam Catchem, who killed Jack and took Rose into custody. Dick Tracy then posed as Jack of Spades and waited to be found by operatives of the Apparatus.

Tracy (in disguise) was found by Mumbles, who took him to Ace of Spades' office in Apparatus headquarters. The building was then raided by the police, and many members of the Apparatus board of directors were arrested. Ace of Spades escaped through a secret tunnel with his bodyguard Doubleup. Ace then hired the Dick Tracy-obsessed Mr. Bones to kill Tracy.