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3-D Magee was a large man with dark hair and a moustache. He was a criminal who specialized in extortion and murder. He had the habit of wearing a pair of 3-D glasses, and his weapon of choice was a long-bladed knife that he sharpened frequently.

The Plenty Plot[]

When wealthy Kincaid Plenty (aka "Canhead") came to Dick Tracy's city to visit his brother B.O. Plenty and his family, he became the target of a blackmail plot by 3-D Magee and his wife Pony (who was Kincaid's ex-wife). The couple claimed to have evidence that Kincaid had killed a man and had hidden the body in one of his oil wells. They demanded $100,000 not to reveal this information publicly.

Kincaid resisted, and 3-D Magee resorted to extreme measures to intimidate him. First, Magee posed as an ice cream man at Sunny Dell Acres, using the disguise to gain access to Wingy and Sparkle Plenty. He arranged for the girls to be bitten by a set of poisonous ants that he had obtained. The girls fell ill, but were treated and recovered. Kincaid remained determined not to give in to blackmailers' demands.

Magee and Pony eventually abducted Kincaid and strapped a vest laden with exposives to his torso, forcing him to withdraw the money they wanted from his bank account. After obtaining the money, 3-D and Pony knocked Kincaid unconscious and left him in the woods outside the city where they assumed he would be killed by the explosion.

Chick Smithly's Revenge[]

Kincaid was found by Cynthia Smithly, who placed him in her car and transported him part of the way back to the city. She passed Magee and Pony, who recognized Kincaid in the back seat of Smithly's convertible. The criminals forced Smithly off the road, and Pony stabbed her to death after a brief confrontation, during which Pony lost a specially-made hat.

Dick Tracy, who had been monitoring the situation via a 2-Way Wrist Radio that he had given to Kincaid, arrived in time to disarm the bomb

Worried that Pony's hat could be traced to them, 3-D found and murdered John Paris, the famous hat designer. Dick Tracy brought the hat to California to be identified by Hedda, a Hollywood gossip columnist and hat expert. After Paris' body had been found, the crime lab discovered a chunk of ivory that had been chipped off 3-D Magee's knife, which would later prove to be vital evidence.

Chick Smithly, Cynthia's sister, agreed to help the police avenge her sister's death. She posed as a maid and gathered more evidence that the police would need against Magee and Pony.

When police arrived to arrest them, 3-D tried to escape out the window on a fire hose. Wanting both of them to die together, Pony cut the hose, but Magee landed on a parked car and survived. They were both arrested, and Pony confessed. While in jail, Magee claimed to suffer from a loss of appetite and subsequently experienced significant weight loss.


  • 3D color

    3-D Magee in color on the cover of The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 15.

    3-D Magee was the villain featured on the cover of IDW's The Complete Dick Tracy Vol. 15.
  • Tracy speculated that the nature of their crimes and the evidence against them would result in both 3-D Magee and Pony being convicted and executed, but their fate has not been confirmed.