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2-Way Wrist TV

First Appearance:

April 24th, 1964

Created By:

Chester Gould

The 2-Way Wrist TV was an upgrade to the 2-Way Wrist Radio that had been developed by Diet Smith Industries. It allowed users to transmit images of themselves, rather than only their voices. It also featured a 180-degree range of vision and an atomic light.

The technological advancement of the Wrist TV coincided with Dick Tracy's first adventures with the Lunarians of Moon Valley.

In 1984, the criminal known as Big Brother developed a technology that could intercept transmissions made via the 2-Way Wrist TV which enabled him to monitor the activities of Dick Tracy and the MCU. He sold his technology to members of the criminal underworld, but was eventually caught and arrested.

The 2-Way Wrist TV was later upgraded to the 2-Way Wrist Computer in 1986, which had additional features.